Happy August, everyone:
Since the start of the year, I have had the opportunity to visit several clubs across all three counties and I continue to be reminded of the magic of Rotary. From youth cultural exchanges and supporting local families, to funding lifesaving surgeries and installing water wells (and more!).  I’ve met new members, prospective members, and our “seasoned” members: no matter the age or background, everyone is bonded by the desire to make a positive impact in our world. The stories you’ve share are heartwarming and extraordinary.  Thank you for all that you continue to do locally and around the world.  I look forward to more visits in the weeks ahead.
Membership Highlight
In August, Rotary embraces the theme of “Membership and New Club Development Month.”  This is an opportunity to celebrate our current members, but also focus on what our clubs can do to attract new members and grow our Rotary family.
Rotary’s research confirms that the single most important factor in member satisfaction is the club experience. The club experience is every touchpoint a member (or potential member) has with a club.  When evaluating your club’s experience, ask yourself:
  • Are meetings welcoming, interesting and fun? Is there variety, or are they nearly the same each time?
  • Does your club offer time for fellowship so acquaintances can transform into friendships?
  • Do you celebrate vocational opportunities and business networking?
  • Is your club diverse and does it reflect the community it serves?
  • Do you collaborate with others in your community?
  • Does the meeting time and format still meet your member’s needs?
Using the Rotary Club Health Check Tool is a great way to assess your club’s experience for current and potential members, and identify opportunities for improvement to make your club irresistible to those that come in contact with it.
Growing our membership is vital to the sustainability of our organization. And, the role of membership stewardship is everyone’s responsibility. Each member impacts the Rotary club experience, in how they participate and engage with others, the perspectives and ideas they contribute, the skills they bring, and the potential members they bring-in. In fact, when was the last time you invited a friend or colleague to participate in a Rotary event, project, or meeting? Or when was the last time you shared your Rotary story with a non-Rotarian? If it’s been a while, I challenge everyone to review their network of contacts and invite at least one new person to Rotary sometime in the next six weeks. Many people are ready to join Rotary – they just need to be asked.
If you’re ready to take your membership stewardship game to the next level, visit Rotary’s membership center for a wide variety of resources for how you can support your club in growing Rotary.  The membership center offers checklists, guidebooks, and online learning courses that cover the topics of club adaption, member engagement, new member attraction, creating an inclusive club culture, and more.
Thank you for all that you do to keep our clubs relevant and keep Rotary growing for the next chapter in our legacy. 
Yours in Rotary,
Laine Hendricks
District 5150 Governor 2023-2024